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Thursday, 24 July 2014
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Wooster Collective
Wooster Collective

  • Bleeps in Windows

    We absolutely love how artist Bleeps made her mark on some abandoned buildings in Athens by filling them with colorful female characters lounging in the windows. 

  • ?The Horse is in the Cart? at George Adams

    Humor, vibrancy, and "whaat?" fill the walls of George Adams' current group show, "The Horse is in the Cart." The curators say the show is about the weirdness of everyday life, and some of this strangeness comes across in the creative way the works are displayed. Sculptures sit under flat works, making shrine-like wall installations that hover over you. A creepy photograph by John Waters is even more unusual mounted above a Robert Arneson piece; a book by Robert The is transformed next to Martha Wilson's haunting self-portraits. 

    Check it out at George Adams, 525-531 West 26th Street

    July 1-August 15, 2014


  • New Ludo in Paris

    We love Ludo's new flowers that watch over this Parisian street corner. 

  • Railway Artwork by Bordalo II

    Bordalo II transforms this railway into a larger-than-life musical staff in Portugal. 

  • Alexis Diaz and Stinkfish in Toulouse, France

    We love this collaboration's creative choice to paint on screens instead of on building walls. These bright murals really liven up this park in Toulouse.   

  • Optical Illusion on Italian School Building

    Painted school children run around on the façade of an elementary school in Gaeta, Italy in this fun mural by the artist Strøk.


  • ?Power Tripping? From Anthony Lister

    We have loved Lister for years as a street artist, and he now brings his graffiti skills indoors to Jonathan Levine with these superhero paintings. In addition to Lister’s energetic paintings, with yellow “frames” painted directly on to the walls, his solo exhibition also includes a public mural to be painted on Mulberry Street, a short walk from the gallery location.

    Check out Lister at Jonathan Levine Gallery, 529 W 20th Street, Gallery I
    Mural on Mulberry between Canal and Hester Streets
    June 28- July 26, 2014

    Image from Jonathan Levine Gallery

    Image from Jonathan Levine Gallery

  • Zhang Dali?s ?Square?

    We first discovered Zhang Dali, one of China's premier street artists, when we went to China about a decade ago. His gallery work has an equal amount of power. Dali's fiberglass sculptures make us fear pigeon attacks as well as sympathize with his constant effort to draw attention to the beauty and agency of the individual.  

    If you’re in New York, visit Dali’s sculptures and cyanotype prints at Klein Sun, 525 West 22nd Street
    June 26-August 30, 2014

    A detail from a cyanotype print of pigeons.


  • 560 Foot Wall in Veracruz

    Artists Sego and Smithe bring us this behemoth mural that livens up a metal pipe factory in Veracruz, Mexico. 


  • Final Days of Thomas Campbell

    This self-taught artist's first solo show is ending soon! Make sure to check out Campbell's whimsical sculptures, paintings adorned with random gourds, and detailed sewn collages. We love to see the influence of street art in his work as well as the unique gourd motif.

    Joshua Liner Gallery, 540 West 28th Street
    June 12 to July 12, 2014

i love Quidco GreenWhite

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