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Wednesday, 17 September 2014
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Wooster Collective
Wooster Collective

  • Street Collage from PAPERGLUEnSCOTCH

    Working with silkscreen artist 10H23, French street artist Lili Jenks (also known as PAPERGLUEnSCOTCH) is making collages that cross boarders. The team collected strips of paper from billboards in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Brazil then swapped and reorganized the billboard strips into large collages with screen prints of old photos by 10H23. After making huge photocopies of these pieces, PAPERGLUEnSCOTCH pasted the collages as posters, spreading her work far and wide.

  • Roger Gastman & Jonathan LeVine Talk About Their ?Cruel Summer? Art Show

    If you're in New York this Summer be sure to check out  "Cruel Summer" a fantastic group show curated by Roger Gastman that's up until August 23rd at Jonathan LeVine Gallery at 557C West 23rd Street & 529 West 20th Street.  The show features a ton of amazing artists including Revok and Maya Hayuk, Cleon Peterson​ and Niagara. 

    We love this video produced by COMPLEX to celebrate the new show:

  • The Inside Story of Keith Haring?s ?Crack Is Wack? Mural

    This week the Huffington Post published a fascinating article written by Matthew Israel from Artsy, which tells the inside story of Keith Haring's icon "Crack is Wack" mural in New York City.  Its a great read with some amazing archival photos.  Isreal writes:

    How Crack is Wack came to be is not well-known. Nor is the fact that the mural is not the original version.

    Benny was one of the major catalysts for Crack is Wack. Benny was Haring's young, gifted studio assistant in the mid-1980s who became addicted to crack. Haring and the rest of his studio were close with him and they tried everything to help him kick his addiction. This was, according to Haring, an incredibly distressing experience for everyone involved. Benny had no health insurance, so they initially called cocaine hotlines and Benny started to see a counselor, but that didn't work. Haring's studio also went to emergency rooms to try to get him into a guided program, but no hospital would take him.

    Around this time, Haring often drove past a handball court located in a small park near the Harlem River Drive. The court was clearly visible from the highway but abandoned. Nothing fenced in the court and no one played on it (because if you did, the ball would just go onto the highway). According to Haring, the location seemed a perfect spot to paint. It was almost identical to a highway billboard.

    The subject for the painting quickly became crack. (In Haring's words, "Inspired by Benny [who was eventually cured], and appalled by what was happening in the country, but especially New York, and seeing the slow reaction (as usual) of the government to respond, I decided I had to do an anti-crack painting.")

    Check it out the full article here.

  • Dan Bergeron?s Tai Chi Tiles

    "The series is called Tai Chi Tiles and the portraits are of elderly Chinese folks who practice Tai Chi in Grange park behind the Art Gallery of Ontario. The idea is to honour this community of seniors who practice Tai Chi and have become associated with Grange Park, while simultaneously offering a juxtaposition to the hustle and bustle of the downtown neighbourhood in which the works reside.".... Dan Bergeron


  • New Slovakian Street Artist

    Young artist Jozef Barde Murcko is working hard on getting into the street art game! This fresh and colorful piece beside a tunnel is heading in the right direction.

  • MP5 in Torino, Italy

    Check out MP5's painting of a very risky tug of war competition that spans both the wall and the ground in front of it. We wouldn't want to get caught on the short end of that rope!

  • Vildan Turalic?s White Forests

    Austrian artist Vildan Turalic transforms this forest into a fun and whimsical landscape that we would love to get lost in. Go get lost if you're ever in Linz, Austria!

  • Cement Eclipses from Isaac Cordal

    Isaac Cordal's cement sculptures play hide and seek among cracked walls and drain pipes in his project titled "Cement Eclipses." In this project, Cordal calls attention to everyday people whose lives and dramas play out hidden all around the world. See if you can spot them all!

    Some sculptures even hide underfoot.

  • Jade Rivera?s Painted Tree

    We love this whimsical little man by Jade Rivera that almost camouflages in with his surroundings, lost in the trees in Canta, Peru. 

  • Claudio Ethos in Sao Paolo

    São Paolo based artist Claudio Ethos uses an old van as a backdrop for his latest piece, a work of street art that can actually move through the streets!

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