Month: July 2001

Social Misfits

Demanding Respect – Social Misfits

It is a cold evening in late June and The Cartoon Club in West Croydon, South London, is hosting Deemore’s Black and White Exposure: a talent showcase for local up-and-coming singers, rappers and dancers. The venue is reasonably full, but the crowd seems extremely sedated as Da Essence, from the Social Misfits rap collective, take to the stage. Without receiving much encouragement from the audience, Mr Roach, Ace and Flamer still manages to deliver a lively set that includes a ‘Verbal Workout’ over the instrumental to M.O.P.’s ‘Ante Up’ and ‘Girl from the Manor’, a cheeky tune about chatting up women. After their performance, I manage to grab the trio and their producer Sir Prestige for a chat.


Surviving In The Forgotten World – Malarchi

I read somewhere that ‘malarchi’ means ‘blossoming’ in Tamil; and it’s fair to say that the East London emcee who uses the word as his moniker is also one of UK hip hop’s burgeoning talents. His debut album ‘Forgotten World’ was released with considerable fanfare back in May, so I recently caught up with him at the Darkjoint recording studio in Canning Town (where most of the album’s tracks were conceived) to find out what he is trying to achieve with his LP.