Month: March 2002



Started in '98 this label has fast become one of the UK's finest. Building up a fine roster and putting out one quality release after another this label definately deserves yor attention.

DJ Excalibah

DJ Excalibah – UK Hip Hop On The BBC

This summer, the BBC will launch a new national radio station dedicated to black music. Not yet named, but currently being referred to as Network X, the station aims to etch out its own identity and lead the way in youth radio by supporting new UK talent as well as showcasing the best urban music from abroad. As part of the government plan to phase out analogue radio (FM/AM/MW), Network X will be using a digital broadcasting system. This means that listeners will be able to tune into the station using digital radio receivers, digital satellite television, digital cable television, or the Internet and get near-CD-quality reception.