Month: October 2005

Dead Residents - Fresh Fresh Again

Dead Residents – Fresh Fresh Again [Video]

Consisting of Junior Disprol and Chud Jackson, Dead Residents have been around since the late eighties where they used to go by the name C75 (Circus 75).If anyone in the UK scene deserves the title ‘Legend’, then it’s probably Junior Disprol. having recorded along side respected artists such as Aspects, Hard Livin, Cappo, Taskforce, Roots Manuva, Doyen D and Sir Beans OBE.

Big Teeth

Big Teeth

Big Teeth specialise in sharp sounds from the underground. From this site you will come into contact with various Big Teeth projects, including artwork and designs, lyrics and writing, plus music we have created or we think deserves to be given a platform.

Yam Boy and Goonda-Raj - Maad Ethics LP

Yam Boy and Goonda-Raj

The weather has taken a turn for the worse, so we thought it was time to bring the thought of exotic vegetables back into your life. Yes, it's time for a Yam Boy and Goonda-Raj update, if you would permit us to be so bold. Oh go on, my socks are wet…

Ms Dynamite

Ms Dynamite Biography

The Live8 concert in Hyde Park in July saw Ms Dynamite return to the stage after a two-year absence. She had vanished from the public eye at the height of her new-found fame. Her priorities had suddenly changed leading her to place her music career on hold. She gave birth to her son, Shavaar, in July 2003.