Month: April 2006

Bassline Circus

Bassline Circus Summer Dates

Bassline Circus is London's touring tented New Skool circus. They are a not-for-profit, new-skool British hip hop circus building their second summer tour. Despite the fact that new licensing laws are introducing massive new costs for small circus' the Bassline Circus is still going strong.

Killa Kela

Killa Kela – Secrets single

Killa Kela's attack on mainstream society begins on April 24th with the release of the multivocalistic Secrets, the first major single from his current album, Elocution. As it's being released as an ECD, 12", Limited Edition 7" and digital download, you've got no excuse why not to rush out and buy at least one copy of Secrets.

Sway Biography

Sway Biography

The year is 1982 - a heavily pregnant young woman arrives at London, Heathrow from Amsterdam. Her ultimate destination is her place of origin; Ghana. She’s to rest in London for a few days before proceeding with her journey, taking a cab to North London to visit an old friend.

J Soze aka Elijah

J Soze aka Elijah Biography

Elijah aka J Soze is a profound rapper with a distinctive unique flow. His rhymes demonstrate the trails and tribulations of his life and the reality of youth poverty and street crime. His passion to voice his opinion is significant as it gives his fans a true insight to who he is and what he is about.