Month: June 2006

Dominant G

Dom G – Air LP [Grinnin’]

Dom G is a long time head who has been blessing mics for years. He has a distinctive easy on your ears flow and sound which will captivate you. Finally Dom G is set to release his debut LP. This work has been a very long time in gestation and I am sure there are times when Dom G thought this album would never materialise.


Omar – Sing (If You Want It) LP [Ether]

Omar is most likely best remembered amongst the general populous for his timeless and still superb 1991 soulful hit, There's Nothing Like This. Astonishingly he has endured a five-year recording break during which time he has constructed his own studio and established his own imprint. He as ever has constantly been touring and for some, the master musician has never really been away. Now Omar is back with Sing (If You Want It) which is the British soul supremo's sixth and perhaps most smoothly produced album so far.

Menhaj Huda [Director, Kidulthood]

Menhaj Huda [Director, Kidulthood]

Former music video and commercials director, Menhaj Huda directed and co-produced KiDULTHOOD. Menhaj Huda was involved in all aspects of the production and filmmaking. He had a clear idea of how he wanted Noel’s script to be portrayed, so that it was true to real life experiences and characters that Noel used to write the film – using specific artists and music within the film was a very important and integral part of this directing process.