Month: July 2006

Flame - Biography

Flame – Biography

With passion, hard hitting lyrics, and a unique vocal style and presence to match, this versatile 20-year-old phenomenon is destined for success and stardom. Coming from the Buffalo, NY bred duo named Flagrant, Flame, aka Daniel Rouse, is now at the forefront of this movement as a solo MC.

Serocee - Life / War 12" [Ill Flava]

Serocee – Life / War 12″ [Ill Flava]

When we told you about Serocee’s demo, we knew it wouldn’t be long before he got things together for a higher profile release. Originally from Birmingham Serocee spent his formative years in the Caribbean and is now based in London. Having hooked up with Karl Hinds and producer Darkjoint he is now being released on the Ill Flava label.