Month: July 2006

Tupac – The Way He Wanted It – Book 1 CD [Liferdeath]

I have never really rated Tupac, heresy some of you may cry. Well I had thought he was overrated and to be honest I just never gave the guy any time. Admittedly the themes of his songs seemed intelligent and I should have liked that, but I guess it just didn’t touch me for some reason. Anyhow, there are about a billion hardcore Tupac fans out there who are about ready to spill my claret, so I had better move on.

FM Crew ft. Eyez – Girlz CD [Erra Records]

FM Crew’s single Girlz, taken from their forthcoming album City Island. The FM Crew’s original members, Profit and Screechi have worked on many projects in previous years and have recently teamed up with featured female vocalist Eyez, who brings an RnB element to the group’s sound. Their sound has been described as a vibrant blend of Hip-Hop, RnB and DanceHall vibes, but for me this release is pretty much straight light hearted Bashment / Ragga.



It's 5:45 a.m., the sun is slowly rising above the ocean on the eastern end of the beautiful Bahama island Nassau. SosaMan, real name Brandon Major is still awake from the night before glued to Russel Simmons' biography, "Life and Def" - Sex, Drugs, Money and God.