Month: August 2006



Kelakovski is reppin’ the U.K. with some sharp, heavy beats tailored toward the indie end of the hip hop spectrum. The talented producer has worked with some of the more reputable and political MCs we have to offer such as Lowkey and Skrein (Foreign Beggars), but don’t assume he’s Russian from the moniker, “I came up with the name by combining my surname (Kelleher) with a classical musicians name (Tchaikovsky) & came up with Kelakovski!... and no... I'm not Russian!”

St. Penelope Jones Biography

Penelope Jones Biography

For a mere twenty-four years of age, lyrical linguist Penelope has been through some stuff. As with most things in life, it’s all about timing – right place, wrong time - right place, right time. The St. Louis, Missouri native has overcome more adversity in her short lifespan then her male counterparts would care to admit.


Fingathing Live – Autumn / Winter

With turntables, an upright bass and bold live animations of crazy mutants in tow, Fingathing are a mass fusion of technical effects and live instruments creating an explosion of far-flung funk and crunching avant hip-hop. The grooves grip tighter than a black hole, the drums smack the cheeks like an asteroid rain-storm, and the bass rumbles and hums like an imploding star.