Month: October 2006

4hero - Play With The Changes LP

4hero – Play With The Changes LP [Raw Canvas]

True originators are thin on the ground but 4hero’s claim is more robust than most. As pioneers of jungle and drum n bass, they massively changed the face of 90s music and made a huge contribution to dance culture. Forging ahead with new beats and new techniques, the London duo have released a steady stream of precious moments and crafted a sound which is entirely their own.

Rup Bootleg - Go Crazy / E'd Up

Rup Bootleg – Go Crazy / E’d Up

Having just rocked Cargo London on Friday night alongside TM Juke, Zebra Traffic’s new singing; Rup (pronounced Roop) has just completed a cheeky little white label. His debut EP for the label drops ‘Rup On Zebra EP’ in early December, followed by his debut album ‘Rup On Zebra’ out early 2007.



The new wave of Hip Hop talent emerging from the UK couldn’t have come at a better time. Apparently grime is dead (this is what they say, they being the industry folk) and Hip Hop CDs just aren’t selling like they used to (even the American acts are struggling to shift the units). So what’s going on?

Foreign Beggars - Stray Point Agenda LP [Dented]

Foreign Beggars – Stray Point Agenda LP [Dented]

Featuring Orifice Vulgartron, one of the masters of double time rhyme, production by Dag Nabbit, solid MCing by Metropolis and complimented by the talents of beatboxer Shlomo and deejay Nonanes, the FBees are back, serving up 18 new tracks under the title of Stray Point Agenda and, yet again, have come up with the goods. Improving on the rawness of Asylum Speakers and delving into some tender moments along the way, Foreign Beggars have together shown how far the group has come along since its debut album release of 2003.

Killa Kela Set To Invade North America

Killa Kela Set To Invade North America

The Americans may soon be begining to ask Who the funk is KILLA KELA? As we know he is Europe's #1 Beatboxer / Multi-Vocalist who can do amazing things with just 1 man, 1 mic and 1 mouth. His CV is becoming increasingly impressive as he has been regularly featured on stage by Pharrell who is perhaps Kela's biggest U.S supporter.

Foot Locker Host Free Event To Launch RBK Daddy Yankee Sneaker

Foot Locker / RBK Event Cancelled

Unfortunately, the RBK Now Playing events scheduled for today and Saturday in Manchester and London have been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. The police were unable to support the event and with the anticipated turnout, it would have been dangerous to continue with the event.



The Mercury Music Prize Nominee Rapper “TY” has unleashed his third album entitled “Closer”. I caught up with TY to get his views on the music industry and what we have to look forward to on his new album.