Month: January 2007

David Cameron's Music For Good Proposal

David Cameron’s Music For Good Proposal

Last summer the prime ministerial hopeful David Cameron singled out BBC Radio 1's hip-hop show presented by Tim Westwood, accusing the content of encouraging knife and gun crime.  He highlights the role of responsibility in his recent missive, "Artists, radio stations and the music industry have a responsibility and a great opportunity to act as positive role models for young people".



He has collaborated with the who's who of UK Hip Hop, Is a long standing member of the Terra Firma family, and has a voice which is capable of giving you goose pimples and his debut album is dropping this year... I’m off course talking about D.ablo. I caught up with D.ablo at T.R.U.E management offices to find out what he has been up to and how long we have to wait for the album...