Month: April 2007

Copywrite - Biography

Copywrite – Biography

Copywrite is often regarded as one of the most dynamic lyricists on the underground scene. Smothering his lyrics with highly original metaphors and punchlines. Copywrite's debut, The High Exhaulted, was released in 2002 on the Eastern Conference record label. Copywrite's second release, Cruise Control Mixtape: Volume 1, was released on the O.D.O.T. record label in 2005.

Kano Album On The Way

Kano Album On The Way

Kano's long awaited new album London Town is scheduled to drop in late June / early July, and by all means Kano is set to come strong on this in an attempt to re-claim his crown. No fear he will deliver the goods, but for fans who can't wait for their Kano-fix they can pick up his new mixtape which is due to drop any day now. You can hear tracks from the upcoming 17-track mix-tape on Kano's myspace page.

Tinchy Strider - Ghetto Superstar

Tinchy Strider – Ghetto Superstar

Prince of Grime Tinchy Strider is working on his new full-length LP 'Star In The Hood'. Slated for release in July, the album will be a bit more diverse than his usual 'beats and bars' fodder. With R&B tinged tracks aimed at the charts a-la his single 'Breakaway' and experimental collaborations with grime / electro artist Goldilocks, 'Star In The Hood' should help Tinchy finally come into his own as an artist.

Wiley - 50/50 b/w Bow E3 CD [Big Dada]

Wiley – 50/50 b/w Bow E3 CD [Big Dada]

A few months ago we had the announcement that Wiley was retiring, but for someone as prolific as Wiley that was never going to be the full stiory. The legendary pioneer of Grime, one of the UK's greatest musical mavericks, returns to the fray for what may be his last artist album and hits it in the kind of form which makes you hope he'll be here forever.

Phat Kat - Biography

Phat Kat – Biography

You can forgive Phat Kat for being supremely confident; it’s a trait he’s had all his life. And though this legendary Detroit MC (“from the East side”, he points out) has had his share of ups and downs in the music industry, he refuses to badmouth former labels, preferring to express himself in his rhymes. “I’m not even gonna say nothing, I’m gonna let it show in the music”, he says adamantly.

Phat Kat - Carte Blanche LP [Look Records]

Phat Kat – Carte Blanche LP [Look Records]

Detroit native Phat Kat, aka Ronnie Cash, is set to release his second solo album, Carte Blanche. Carte Blanche marks the first time Phat Kat was given total creative control to cherry-pick the best beats and the best emcees to work with. The result is an example of the finest in Hip-Hop Detroit has to offer. Scheduled to be released on Look Records in early 2007, the album finally gives Phat Kat his due credit. At long last, he notes, “I’m with a label that sees my vision”.

Beat Boxer Fozzy Joins Vision Artist Agency

Beat Boxer Fozzy Joins Vision Artist Agency

Fozzy (Associated Minds) is undoubtedly special - he can walk into any room anywhere and entertain people. From huddled street ciphers to 25,000+ festivals, he's smashes each and every appearance he makes and he hasn't even reached the age of 20. From fans in the clubs to the likes of Kool Keith to Duran Duran, the highest praise keeps pouring in for one of the most talented live performers in the world.