Month: May 2007


KRS-ONE – Biography

The word legend is banded around with disregard these days but when it comes to Hip-Hop few people can lay claim to that title more than KRS ONE. Alongside the likes of Public Enemy & Big Daddy Kane he shaped the sound of modern Hip-Hop and in turn dance music itself.

DMC UK DJ Championships 2007

DMC UK DJ Championships 2007

Beat junkies and turntablists beware! The 2007 UK DMC DJ Championships are upon us, with this year’s event looking set to be the biggest yet! The final will be taking place at the Shepherds Bush Empire in London on the 29th June with heats running from the 17th May to 16th June nationwide.



This Spring one the hottest tracks to come out of the States this year will grace UK airwaves courtesy of New York rapper, Shawn Mims.  'This Is Why I'm Hot' exploded in the US last month topping no fewer than five charts including the Billboard Hot 100 and reaching ring tone downloads in excess of 1.5 million.

Musab - Biography

Musab – Biography

Musab (formerly known as Beyond) has had a remarkable rap career integral to the surprising rise of Minneapolis Hip-Hop. His album entitled Comparison was the first release of indie hip-hop label giant, Rhymesayers Entertainment. He contributed to Atmosphere's classic first release, Overcast (1998), then teamed up with Atmosphere, I Self Divine of Micronauts, Gene Poole of Full Circle, and producer Ant to form the super-group The Dynospectrum.

Baby Boy Da Prince - Biography

Baby Boy Da Prince – Biography

Neither the 175 mile-per-hour wind gusts of Hurricane Katrina nor her catastrophic twisters that left miles of land in ruin, nor the tons of waters that swallowed parts of the Gulf Coast could shake the foundation of New Orleans’ newest musical sensation, Baby Boy Da Prince. Enduring through the hunger, ravishing summer heat, disease-infested flood waters and overall governmental neglect, this West Bank survivor would let nothing move him.

Tawheed Is Unity

Tawheed Is Unity

The introduction to what, how and why Tawheed Is Unity came into being is as follows: Lets go back to the beginning of 2006... There are a few 'Islamic' clothing labels already available on the market. Some that are really great, some not so great but they all try to represent Islam in the best possible way. For this they should all be commended.

F.A.M. - IllyRap, Da Racketeer and Smoke

F.A.M. – IllyRap, Da Racketeer and Smoke

Jarel Worthington a.k.a. IllyRap is the owner of Illy Rap Recordings and a rapper in the F.A.M. crew. He is a songwriter and producer and made his radio debut with Stay Humble on 96.1 Kiss FM and has appeared on 88.7FM, The Edge. IllyRap has had his performance televised for Hot97's Spit Fire Live at Pseudo Stage Music and appears on numerous DJ Big Mike mixtapes.

Soweto Kinch

Soweto Kinch: Common Knowledge

Common knowledge is not at all common! Best known for his contribution to jazz, but relatively unknown in the world of hip-hop, Soweto Kinch is fighting an on going battle to be acknowledged by record emporiums as a hip-hop artist. Kinch is a modern day Jazz legend; he was the winner of the Mercury Music Prize for An Album of the Year 2003 and the MOBO Award for Best Jazz Act 2003.



Xzibit is a businessman. Impressively he has released an album every two years since his 1996 debut ‘At The Speed Of Life’. Since then, the West coast rapper has gone on to host Pimp My Ride whilst squeezing in a couple of movie roles along the way. Despite the allure of the film industry Xzibit has remained true to his Hip Hop roots and in 1999 he launched his own record label, Open Bar Entertainment.