Month: September 2007

Idris Elba Brings Hollywood To London - Bfm International Film Festival

Idris Elba Brings Hollywood To London – Bfm International Film Festival

Idris Elba, the multi talented actor / artist / international DJ, will be taking time out from his hectic schedule to support the BFM (black filmmaker) International Film Festival (September 7-14, 2007). The British- Born Hollywood actor, who confirmed his rising Hollywood status in Tyler Perry’s critically acclaimed US Box Office hit “Daddy’s Little Girls”, will be appearing at the film’s first UK showing at the ICA on September 7.

Abdominal - Workout 12" [Antidote / Handcuts / Do Right!]

Abdominal – Workout 12″ [Antidote / Handcuts / Do Right!]

Abdominal first grabbed the attention of students and hipsters everywhere in 2001, when he appeared on an early release by Brighton-based DJ Format, a painfully retro piece of conceptual kitsch-hop entitled "Ill Culinary Behaviour". That track, and I would imagine the majority of the duo's collaborative efforts since, re-worked the seam of sickly nostalgia already thoroughly mined by Jurassic 5, positing in its every tone and nuance that life was better at some unspecified point in the late Eighties and that we should all go back to wearing Adidas sportswear and spinning on our heads whilst watching Yo! MTV Raps.

Channel U

Channel U: The Future Of UK Urban Music?

UK Hip Hop is beginning to grow at a rapid pace because of the genres unique mix of sounds that everyone can adapt to. Overall, Hip Hop is beginning to embrace people to the point where everyone now wants to become the ‘next big rapper’ to hit the scene. Crossing over to the UK shores, it seems as though UK Hip Hop has its own big conservatoire for everyone to go and learn the art form.