Month: January 2008

SAS - Where Is SAS?

S.A.S. – The Runway Boys

You know them as SAS, the brothers from North London who attracted the attention of Dame Dash, Kanye West, The Diplomats and established themselves quite comfortably in the Hip-Hop world. With a fan base spanning Australia through to Atlanta it would be hard to pinpoint a county that has yet to have heard of brothers Mega and Mayhem. It is however with all their extra curricular activities outside of Hip-Hop that have them coining the phrase "The Runway Boys".

Spida Lee

Spida Lee

After a complete pisstake of a train journey (the conductor was kind enough as to make us feel like we were on a fucking Blackpool tour bus - ‘If you look to your left you will see the overflowing riverbank with the waves steadily rising towards us’). The perfect distraction from my frustration was a reet ol’ chinwag with Huddersfield born ‘n’ bred (should be a Sir…) Spida Lee.

Enot - Hard Candy [Audio]

Enot – Hard Candy [Audio]

We are lucky that New York's Enot has chosen to keep hitting us up with his latest heat. This time he has dropped off Hard Candy for all of us. This is a smooth horn riddled groove is produced by Buckoner. We definitely rate this cat so be sure to check the mp3 for some good head nodding shizzle.

Lady Saw

Lady Saw

Born and raised in Jamaica, Lady Saw has a career spanning numerous years. With a unique flow and tracks that are literally fire the Reggae star is bound to hit big time with her newest release. Featuring addictive tracks like “Chat to Mi Back” and “Walk Out” I recommend everyone check her out!


Bisc1 Summons The Night

We'd like to introduce you to Queens-based emcee & graphic artist Bisc1. A native of Massachusetts by way of Connecticut, Bisc1 moved to NYC 10 years ago and quickly made a name for himself DJ'ing at clubs, distributing mixtapes, and in graffiti circles. Besides being an emcee about to drop his debut album, Bisc1 is also an accomplished graphic artist.

One Be Lo - Gray CD [Subterraneous]

One Be Lo – Gray CD [Subterraneous]

The only track on The R.E.B.I.R.T.H. to feature live instrumentation, "Gray" is a highly conceptual, somberly optimistic anthem for both the struggling youth and the lingering old school heads. From the jazz saxophone to the myriad literary devices to the early '90s hip-hop references, One Be Lo's single speaks - though not exclusively - to a generation often neglected in rap, the adults.