Month: April 2008

Million Dan Spektrum Tour

Million Dan Spektrum Tour

The Million Dan Spectrum Tour which will feature Million Dan alongside Skitz, Humurak.D.Gritty, Buggsy and DJ First Aid. The tour is hitting clubs and venues throughout UK & Europe this summer in line with the launch of Million's long player on the 5th May.

Verbal Kent - Fist Shaking CD [Molemen]

Verbal Kent – Fist Shaking CD [Molemen]

Chicago MC, Verbal Kent, returns with "Fist Shaking", his 3rd installment to his concept started in "What Box" and followed up in "Move With The Walls". This concept consists of sticking to the script of dropping raw underground Hip Hop without the glamour and glitz. Hardcore lyrical wordplay overlaps polished, gritty beats with drums that bang the box.

J Rawls And Middle Child - A Background

J Rawls And Middle Child – A Background

A hook brought them near, but soul singing sealed the deal. Several years ago, producer J Rawls was working in the recording studio when he realized that he needed a singer for the hook of a song. Middle Child’s manager, Bobby Ferguson, happened to be in the studio that day, and suggested they give her a call. They did, and her soulful sounds blew Rawls away.

Breakdancing and Hip Hop

Breakdancing And Hip Hop

Breakdancing is considered as one of the significant elements that make up hip hop culture. Also known as breaking, b-boying, or b-girling, this street dance was developed in the 1970s among the African-American and Hispanic youths of South Bronx, New York.

Cope2 Sneaker Gallery

Cope2 Sneaker Gallery

Cope2 is doing a trainer with Foot Locker and Addidas. Cope2 himself hails from the South Bronx and has been around since the early 80's founding the crew 'Kids Destroy' which later graduated to 'Kings Destroy'. His artwork has been featured in several high profile campaigns including the well- regarded Time magazine mural painted in Soho, Manhattan in 2005.