Month: May 2008

Chipmunk - League Of His Own

Chipmunk – League Of His Own

At only 17, North London based Chipmunk already has an impressive three mixtapes under his belt. His latest mixtape A League Of My Own sold bucket loads and has left fans eagerly anticpating his debut album. With music industry heads proclaiming him as the next big thing - there hasn't been a buzz this big since Dizzee Rascal's name first began surfacing.

Jon Phonics

Jon Phonics

Jon Phonics is an MC / Producer based in the South. He has worked with some well known names and got them to feature on his Half Past Calm release. Whilst he was over in the US he took the time out to parle with Nino. Read on to find out what he had to say.

Fats Sarazzi

Fats Sarazzi

I'm sure you will have heard of Fats Sarazzi, he has been in the scene for a while. He did a lot of cloth designing for some major hip hop labels and now does a lot of street photography. Read on to find out what he had to say to our reporter Nino

Khia - Biography

Khia – Biography

Born in Philadelphia and raised in Tampa, Florida, Khia has been writing and singing Rap, R&B, and Gospel all her life. She danced Tap, African, and was a boisterous cheerleader. She performed at school, in talent shows, and parades. She never failed to use her home as a stage when all else failed. And to this very day, Khia still breathes to entertain through music.

Souls of Mischief's Opio To Release Trilogy of Albums

Souls of Mischief’s Opio To Release Trilogy of Albums

Opio, member of the classic hip-hop group Souls of Mischief, has released details of his sophomore solo album, Vulture's Wisdom, Volume 1. The album will include a bonus DVD with music videos as well as animated shorts and features artwork by renowned pop artist David Flores. The album will be released in August on Hiero Imperium Records as the first chapter of a forthcoming trilogy.



Fokis is a very devoted individual who has been grinding hard recently. You might have been following him on his reality TV show documenting his struggle to become a rap star. Now he has his Pandemonium CD out and Lady Jay UK caught up with him to find out more...

Yarah Bravo - Biography

Yarah Bravo – Biography

From smoky poetry bars to hip hop ciphers, a voice can be heard, a voice that is slowly rising itself up from underground mix tapes to vinyl crates, from stages to the airwaves. Her style is soulful and sweet but yet powerful and strong, she is a vocalist as well as a lyricist and knows how to use both sides of the coin well. If you haven't already heard of Yarah Bravo, It's about time you pay attention.

Abstract Rude - Biography

Abstract Rude – Biography

Abstract Rude stands as one of hip-hop's most accessible healers. Since first making regular appearances at L.A.'s legendary Goodlife open mic sessions circa 1994, this MC has steadily found the ideal balance of strong lyrical substance and high entertainment value. Unafraid to sing his own hooks and break out multiple flows within single songs, Ab Rude is one of the most multifarious graduates of the fertile L.A. rap scene.