Month: October 2008

Black Britanyaa - Biography

Black Britanyaa – Biography

With roots in East London, Black Britanyaa’s Segge Dan and Daddy Ash are the voice of second and third generation immigrants, who blend a myriad of identities in Old Blighty: British, Black British and their parents’ heritage. Hence the spelling of Brit an Yaa (Yaa being an African name for a woman). They thrive on doing things differently and call their brand of Hip Hop: ‘music for true connoisseurs’.

Sha Stimuli

Sha Stimuli

Sha Stimuli from Brooklyn has been acknowledged for his rhymes and delicacy in creating a distinguished sound of his own, which has been accredited by receiving the "Best Male Rapper Of The Year" award at the 2008 UMA's, the second win after 2007's "Best Lyricist" award. Read on to find out what he had to say when Nikhil Sharma caught up with him.