Month: February 2009


29 year old producer Hervé is a man of many names. You may know him as one half of The Count and Sinden duo and their world beating ‘Beeper’ EP on Domino Records. Or perhaps you know him from one of his many aliases, like Action Man, Young Lovers, Dead Soul Brothers and Voodoo Chilli or his supergroup Machines Don't Care.

S.P.R.10 ft. Rochelle - Can't See the Rain CD [White]

S.P.R.10 ft. Rochelle – Can’t See the Rain CD [White]

S.P.R.10 is back again and this time he has taken his inspiration from the uninspiring English weather for his new single. Unlike his previous efforts Can’t See the Rain is more aurally reminiscent of Usher or Ne-Yo and the current production trend in American R & B than anything from U.K hip hop. Opening with an apt and brilliant sample from Brandon Lee’s seminal cult classic The Crow the track hits the dance floor running with synth stabs and urgent keyboards.

Joe Young

Joe Young

Joe Young from the South has been producing rap since he was twelve. Having released mixtapes on his own Fast Life Entertainment imprint with Lil Chase he made some noise in his own city. Now he has hooked up a UK promotions team and is spreading his game further a field. Check out What Joe Young aka Yung Richy said when he spoke to our reporter Danielle.