Month: March 2009

Yaeo - Yr Not THAT Dope [Audio]

Yaeo – Yr Not THAT Dope [Audio]

This is the powerful opening track by Yaeo from the forthcoming Dee Jay TOMAHAWK presents YAEO mixalbum entitled '2000 & MYNE' which will be dropping soon. Undoubtedly this track will become known as the 'Farma. G cus track' and will probably be one of the biggest talking points in the UK hip hop scene this year.

Spectacula - Uh Oh mp3 [Eye-Con]

Spectacula – Uh Oh mp3 [Eye-Con]

Hailing from Queens Village, New York, young rhyme thrower Spectacula shakes the foundation of what fans are accustomed to hearing, and heaves them the curveball they've been desperately waiting for with his instant playback song, Uh Oh. While a large percentage of artists are scared of leaving their comfort zone, Spec shows his versatility by being able to rock over an infectious track that would leave others baffled in the booth.

Stanton Introduces T.92 and T.55 USB Turntables

Stanton Introduces T.92 and T.55 USB Turntables

Stanton DJ, an industry leader in the design and manufacture of professional audio products for DJs, announces the addition of two new turntables to their array of pro DJ decks: the T.92 USB and the T.55 USB. Both turntables feature USB and S/PDIF outputs, so any DJ or serious record collector can archive their vinyl library into a Mac or PC with ease.



Romey hails fom Chicago and names himself the Mid-West King. He names hova amongst his influences and has been likened to being the Michael Jordan of the rap game. After his Sickamore mix CD he has a new tape to drop and another 36 heaters ready to go. Lady Jay UK caught up with him to find out about his background and plans for the future, so read on.

Jazmine Sullivan - Dream Big

Jazmine Sullivan – Dream Big

Jazmine Sullivan (born April 9, 1987) is an American R&B and soul music singer-songwriter from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is also the protégé of rapper Missy Elliott. Her debut single "Need U Bad" reached number one on Billboard's Hot R&B / Hip-Hop Songs chart, while her second single, "Bust Your Windows" peaked at number four.

Braincell Harmonics

Braincell Harmonics – Biography

I am from the green hills where the birds chatter and the old people are a force to reckon with. The local co-op is the hangout and a toot is the only way to stay sane in a place you love to hate. Without this rural experience I don’t think I could make the music I do, as I love to make hip-hop in the most un hip-hop of settings.

The Watchmen

The Watchmen

Adapted from the classic and much loved Alan Moore mini comic series from 1987 the Watchmen arrives at the screen with the huge weight of fan anticipation (including mine). I loved the comic - a classic and my thoughts were that if it wasn't done well in a movie then really there was no point touching it at all.



Outspoken, thoughtful and ready to give you a slice of his musings, B'Tol, the Bristolian MC answers a few of my burning questions in what might be one of the most interesting and in depth interviews I've conducted. B'Tol provides a fresh and insightful perspective on Bristol's musical and social heritage. In amongst that he manages to promote his own music and the entire Bristol Hip Hop scene!

JVF Clique

JVF Clique

JVF Clique, the group soon to release their album 'Alternative Income', already heard on Certified Banger's 'On The Radar' mixtape and featuring on this months Suspect Packages radio show, got together to answer some of my questions about them. So read this: