Month: September 2009

DJ Mentat Calls For Collaborators

DJ Mentat Calls For Collaborators

We just got the call that critically acclaimed Producer and DJ, DJ Mentat, is currently looking for vocalists to feature on a number of Soul and Hip Hop project's. He’s well known for his work with Skinnyman and has some interesting projects in the pipeline and this could be a good step for anyone with skills looking to progress.

Thavius Beck - Dialogue LP [Big Dada]

Thavius Beck – Dialogue LP [Big Dada]

In late 2008, Beck wrapped up recording his latest solo full-length, titled Dialogue. Unlike previous efforts, which have featured appearances from Saul Williams, Cedric Bixler-Zavala (The Mars Volta), Subtitle, and many more, the only voice on Dialogue is Beck's own. Across fifteen tracks, including two instrumentals, Thavius cleverly critiques many of America's ills with a dry, satirical wit that never falls into preachiness.

Thavius Beck - Biography

Thavius Beck – Biography

Thavius Beck, like many of Los Angeles' independent MCs, cut his teeth at the Project Blowed open mic workshop in LA's Leimert Park. But even in the 1990s, when Beck was a member of Global Phlowtations (along with Mikah-9, Sach, and a handful of others), and went by the handle Adlib, his sights were fixed on the future of music.