Month: October 2009

Drag Me To Hell

Drag Me to Hell

Drag Me to Hell seems Sam Rami return to the horror genre after directing the Spiderman franchise. Written ten years ago with his brother Ivan, Drag Me to Hell centres on easy-going bank employee Christine (Lohman) who tries to impress her boss by refusing a loan extension to Mrs Ganush (Raver). Later that day when Christine returns to her car Ganush attacks her and places a curse on her. Christine then has three days to lift the curse before she is dragged to hell.

West Midlands Police As Film Censors?

West Midlands Police As Film Censors?

Maybe I’m wrong here maybe I’m misguided but when did the police become film censors? Well in Birmingham it seems that they are they are now, West Midlands police have decided that the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) are not doing a good enough job of rating films and have decided to step in and stop the ‘controversial’ new film 1 Day being screened in the city where it was filmed.

Jelluzz - It's My City ft. Ricky Blaze / Just Say Yes ft. Darren B CD [Big Deal Management]

Jelluzz – It’s My City ft. Ricky Blaze / Just Say Yes ft. Darren B CD [Big Deal Management]

Jelluzz is back with more of his sugary urban pop this time roping in NYC's Ricky Blaze for chorus duties on 'It's My City' and Darren B for 'Just Say Yes'. Strictly made for fans of anyone like Chipmunk (i.e. Grime artists from London who are now on Radio 1, T4 etc.) these two tracks are synthy, upbeat and about inane stuff like partying with champagne and getting girls into double beds.

Silvar - Searching 12" [Razeone]

Silvar – Searching 12″ [Razeone]

I could write this review with one line: Silvar - not for fans of Hip Hop. I won't just leave it at that though; you need to know why. If I'm not mistaken 'Searching' is produced by Sermstyle who can produce decent Hip Hop beats. Instead for this release someone decided that synthy-dance-mulch based beats would do. It's obvious this is aimed at folk who listen to the radio and go to see X Factor winners in concert but I doubt this will even cut it with them - it's a bit too mundane.