Month: March 2010

Frozen River

Frozen River

Set at the bleak border of the USA and Canada two women become unlikely accomplices sharing a common goal - that of keeping their families together in the face of poverty and hopelessness. The frozen river of the title refers to a vast lake in a Mohawk reserve that spans the US & Canadian border. Ray (Leo) unwittingly becomes involved in smuggling illegal immigrants into the US by Lila (Upham) a Mohawk.

LDZ - The London Zoo EP [Dented]

LDZ – The London Zoo EP [Dented]

LDZ have been around for donkey’s... They flew the nest when they were only young pups and before growing fur, they quickly learned to evolve and adapt with the constantly changing environment. Not to be mistaken for scavenger’s, these territorial creatures stay true to they’re own like a pride of Lions.