Month: May 2010

Tiesto Returns To London's Victoria Park

Tiesto Returns To London’s Victoria Park

Special guest Eddie Halliwell joins the already colossal line up to headline the Mixmag & Don't Stay In arena, the international superstar DJ and technical genius will be heading to the incredible Victoria Park setting on the 30th July to 'Fire It Up' and blow the proverbial roof off! Globally renowned for his incredible sets, Eddie is set to send this clubbing experience off the scale!

Tiesto - Biography

Tiesto – Biography

The UK leg of the 'Kaleidoscope' became one of the most extravagant tours that the UK have ever seen. The shows were no-holds-barred, off the wall productions hosted by the world's premiere DJ. In fact, they didn't exceed expectations so much as blow them wide open.

Bestival 2010 Has Sold Out

Bestival 2010 Has Sold Out

The year of the fantastic is truly living up to expectations as once again thanks to you Bestival has sold out! With four full months still left to go until the magnificent seventh Robin Hill Country Park outing kicks off, lucky punters have snagged every single ticket along with a guarantee of an amazing weekend adventure.