Month: January 2012

Reveal - Warning MP3 [Poison Inc]

Reveal – Warning MP3 [Poison Inc]

Reveal, the original Poisonous Poet, is now officially back! Hot on the trail of his two recent viral videos Neva Blink and West London, the self described "Gully Irani" releases Warning the first full music video from his forthcoming Seven Shades Solo EP. Reveal takes a break from the norm as he takes a very introspective look at himself and the events that have formed him.

Ikes - The Intermission:Last Call LP [Port Mayfair]

Ikes – The Intermission:Last Call LP [Port Mayfair]

Following on from his last mixtape The Intermission in 2010, north-London rapper Ikes presents his latest project, The Intermission:Last Call. Mainly produced by long-term collaborator Maleek Berry of Port Mayfair, The Intermission:Last Call depicts Ikes' transition from starting out in the music industry to being on the brink of creating a show-stopping body of work and cementing his place within the UK music scene.

Inja - Bass Music / Escapism LP [INR]

Inja – Bass Music / Escapism LP [INR]

Bass Music / Escapism is more than a music album. It's a sixteen-track journey. A f*cking loud journey best made with your head placed neatly between two subwoofers, eyes closed. A journey through the raves, festivals, carnivals and stage shows of Inja's daily routine. Into the sweet, unadulterated blast of pleasure known to us as Bass. Undoubtedly man's finest invention since the wheel.

Calez - Intermission MP3 [2008ighties]

Calez – Intermission MP3 [2008ighties]

Starting with an a weird repetitive sound and 808 I thought this could turn out to be some southern shit. Normally wouldn't check for this, but something about this track made me give it a go. Immediately I was hooked as Calez's off key rhymes made the skimpy production make sense. Flosstradamus has produced a slow head nodder with a hypnotic Odd Future feel. What seems simple is peppered with percussive touches that give the beat depth. Its the new wave and Calez should soon be recognised as being at the head of this movement.

Hired Gun - The Pressure MP3 [Indie]

Hired Gun – The Pressure MP3 [Indie]

Hired Gun the veteran Real Hip-Hop activist and emcee from Brooklyn comes back with another track called The Pressure. I was concerned when I heard the first few seconds of the track. That quickly disappeared when I heard the lyricism and the delivery. This is an artist that never ceases to amaze me. The lyrics are on point, the delivery is right-there and the lyrics speak truth.

Inja - Pepper Sauce MP3 [INR]

Inja – Pepper Sauce MP3 [INR]

Pepper Sauce is the next single to wet our appetites to Inja's forthcoming Bass Music / Escapism. He turns up the heat a little, relaxes a little and takes to the streets carnival style. The track is an explosive collaboration, blending the reggae production of Northern French DJ Edsik (Allouette Street Records) with Inja's lyrical hip-hop mastery.

Collective Underground - Cosmic Thieves [Video]

Collective Underground – Cosmic Thieves [Video]

As a follow up and to promote their debut mixtape UK Runnings Presents: Urban Poetry Vol 1, we see the release of a fresh new music video to provide a smooth visual to the laid back track Cosmic Thieves. This music video sees the two talented emcees who make up Collective Undergroud working together with their good friends at Sick Guy Films to release a music video that is a little different to the hood videos the two have featured in previously as solo artists.

Souls of Mischeif Live In Glasgow 14/03/2012

Souls of Mischief Live In Glasgow 14/03/2012

The Souls of Mischief is a hip hop group from Oakland, CA, and part of the hip hop collective Hieroglyphics. Signed to Jive / Sony BMG. Its members include A-Plus, Tajai, Phesto and Opio. The Souls of Mischief debuted in 1993 with their album 93 'til Infinity, released on Jive Records. They later released No Man's Land (1995), Focus (1999), and Trilogy: Conflict, Climax, Resolution (2000).