Month: November 2013

Kid Tsunami - The Chase LP [Headbop Records]

Kid Tsunami – The Chase LP [Headbop Records]

I first heard the name Kid Tsunami when Pocho from Headbop Records linked me to the preview clip from his (then) forthcoming album The Chase. The production immediately caught my ear and I really wanted to hear the full versions of the tracks with this devastating line up including many of my favourite emcees. To say it sounded promising was an understatement. If names like Krs-One, Kool G Rap, Masta Ace, AG, OC, J-Live, Pharoahe Monch (it just goes on and on...) don't grab your attention, well... I'm not sure you can be helped.

Swift Kirabo - It's Just Begun MP3 [Indie]

Swift Kirabo – It’s Just Begun MP3 [Indie]

Swift Kirabo is a rap artist from the city of Manchester. He's been doing music seriously for three years and dabbles in any genre he feels like, but mainly works with Hip Hop / Grime. From early on Swift gravitated towards music because he's always had the feeling that it's what he should be doing in life, music is something he's truly passionate about and wants to improve on daily.

KC Da Rookee - Biography

KC Da Rookee – Biography

You may not know KC Da Rookee but we do. He was top of the European Hip Hop charts in the early 2000's. KC Da Rookee is a UK Hip Hop Artist whose debut album Rookee Stizza was released on Showdown Records in Germany in 1999. This was followed up by the album Nexcalibur in 2002 with the single Four Fists reaching number fifteen in the National German charts.

MadFlow - Biography

MadFlow – Biography

Hailing from BC (Birmingham) UK, MadFlow has been a creative force within the West Midlands music community. Having lived in the US and born of Caribbean parents, MadFlow has a variety of influences in his music. He has been credited as a true master of ceremonies able to rock a crowd of few to many.

The Doctor's Orders Just Blaze Giveaway

The Doctor’s Orders Just Blaze Giveaway

The Doctor's Orders returns to Scala with another phenomenal line up of the best names in Hip-Hop. From NYC super producer Just Blaze, to party starters extraordinaire The Nextmen and the UK's best Hip-Hop DJ, Mr Thing who now exclusively spins club shows only for The Doctor's Orders you are literally not gonna see or hear a line up like this anywhere else!