Month: March 2014

Scratch [Palm Pictures]

Scratch [Palm Pictures]

You may yet be unappreciative of the art form of moving a vinyl record back and forth using various sophisticated techniques; or you may already be a great admirer and simply wish to know more about the historical development of scratching. Either way, Doug Pray's documentary, Scratch, fascinatingly emphasizes the importance of the Hip-Hop DJ and the turntable as a musical instrument, charting the rise of the unique subculture since its creation in the 1970s.

Iron Braydz

Iron Braydz

Even from a young age, the legacy of Triple Darkness lyricist Iron Braydz seemed almost written in the stars. Finding entertainment in the Harlesden playgrounds reciting Kriss Kross' 'Jump', he quickly built a reputation for rhyming, regularly reciting Wu-Tang Clan lyrics in what he called "who knows Wu" lyric battles as a child.

Essa - The World Belongs To You MP3 [First Word Records]

Essa – The World Belongs To You MP3 [First Word Records]

The World Belongs To You is the first single from Essa's hotly anticipated new album 'The Misadventures Of A Middle Man'. Produced by Australian sensation Ta-Ku, the track is an up- tempo call for positivity, inspired by Essa's global travels. Accompanied by a sun-kissed video (shot on tour in China, Australia and Soundwave Croatia Festival) it's the perfect way to usher in the summer months. The single includes another Ta-Ku-produced banger, the self- explanatory 'Call Me Essa', a non-album bonus track only available on this single.

Ti2bs ft. Hunt and Propane - Kings And Queens MP3 [UpTempo Records]

Ti2bs ft. Hunt and Propane – Kings And Queens MP3 [UpTempo Records]

On the heels of the SBTV exclusive - The Best Of Ti2bs - which featured appearances from Skinnyman, Rodney P, Doc Brown, Orifice Vulgatron and many more, UK Hip Hop veteran Ti2bs is back regain his crown with his latest smash entitled Kings And Queens. Produced by man of the moment Show N Prove and featuring appearances from two of the UK Rap scene's rising stars: Hunt and Propane, this majestic banger looks set to cement the reign of Ti2bs as the Prince of the scene.

Styxmen - No Way Back LP [Indie]

Styxmen – No Way Back LP [Indie]

Styxmen are a UK hip hop duo from Oxford, UK consisting of MC / producers Dead Ott and Prophit. Styxmen have been bubbling on the underground scene for the last few years with their unique brand of underground UK hip hop. Since 2012 saw the 'Styx & Bones' trilogy of releases, and 2013 saw Dead Ott go on the solo tip, Styxmen are back in 2014 with a brand new mixtape 'No Way Back' which will be dropping in March and features production from Dead Ott, Prophit, White Key Productions (Rotten Forest Records) and DJ Bosseye from DeadEye.

Black Prophetz - Butterflies (World Peace) MP3 [Digital Jukebox]

Black Prophetz – Butterflies (World Peace) MP3 [Digital Jukebox]

The Prophetz has gone and done it again with this smash hit entitled Butterflies which was originally a song created by the Soul Garden many years ago with the same title. It features the legendary Afrika Bambaataa who used it as an opening for his True School radio show on WHCR in Harlem, NYC. Sure Shot seems to be on that political tip again this year as we've only just recovered from the last single call "What the F##".