Month: July 2021

eMCee Killa - The Turnaround

eMCee Killa – The Turnaround [Video]

eMCee Killa sets out to unleash vengeance and settle scores with the latest release from the Lab79 camp. "The Turnaround" see's Killa at his most vicious with his aggressive lyricism and barbed delivery accompanied by Manage who's on hand to supply the haunting beat in his unmatched, gritty style of production.

Graham Martin - Late Mornings

Graham Martin – Late Mornings [Video]

This track marks the beginning of a new creative chapter for Graham Martin. It comes as a highly anticipated follow-up to the artist's previous studio album, which was released a few years ago. This song represents a really great shift in terms of production quality, as the artist really made a point of bringing his game to the next level.

Mosik Rhymes - What You Got?

Mosik Rhymes – What You Got? [Video]

Mosik Rhymes continues to rise. As he asks What You Got? the answer is that he has 'the whole shebang'. Great 80's influenced backing by Deckdaddy with an instrument list including period keyboards including Rhodes, Moog, Prophet 6 and SP1200 drums. Serious head nodder material and vibes to jam to.