Month: December 2021

Modulation - Frustrated

Modulation – Frustrated [Video]

South West London based MC Modulation is back again with another banger. Entitled Frustrated, this one is powerful, you have to listen to the words carefully the guy is not messing around lyrically. Covering a variety of topics from weight, relationships and ends it comes off like a variety of mini stories and observations.

Mo Fingaz - Champs Elysses

Mo Fingaz – Champs Elysses [Audio]

For the last instalment of the We Stay True 12 bit SP12 Days For Xmas is from Mo Fingaz who was originally from Bath and is now based in London. His instrumental is entitled Champs Elysses and bumps. Reverberated horns intertwine with a backing of street sounds and a crunching beat for this 90 bpm banger.

Ill Treats - Euphony

Ill Treats – Euphony [Audio]

Penultimate track in the We Stay True 12 bit SP12 Days For Xmas is Ill Treats' instrumental entitled Euphony. Ill Treats is a producer and engineer from Brighton, UK residing in Arizona, USA. With more of a rim-shot snare and a gently roaming bass-line this one adds cuts into the mix as well.