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Tom Caruana - Grains

Tom Caruana – Grains [Video]

Originally from East Sussex, now based in Todmorden, West Yorkshire, Tom Carauna drops that funk / library music vibe with live multi-instruments for his twelve track Grains release. Including some previously released tracks as well as some new ones this is a dope collection of beats and demonstrates the talent within Tea Sea Records.

The Peoples Army - Summertime Wavy

The Peoples Army – Summertime Wavy [Video]

As usual about this time of year we get a slew of videos shot during summer which remind us of warmer times, but feel somewhat out of place as winter draws in. This official video for Peoples Army entitled Summertime Wavy is one of these. For the track a wealth of MCs all compete for the camera's attention and once again remind us of the talent available in the crew.