Author: Calvin Hussey

Big Toast & Ill Move Sporadic - You Are Not Special LP [Starch Records]

Big Toast & Ill Move Sporadic – You Are Not Special LP [Starch Records]

In case you didn't already know, Big Toast has steadily made a name for himself on the UK hip-hop circuit over recent years. From helping to grow notable independent label Revorg Records, as part of critically acclaimed rap troupe TPS Fam, to a burgeoning solo discography, and most recently as part of British mega-group Gatecrasherz, he's certainly been stacking up quite the discography.

Ill Move Sporadic And Tenchoo - Panic Room 9 [Starch Records]

Ill Move Sporadic And Tenchoo – Panic Room 9 [Starch Records]

Diehard fans of independent hip-hop had much to be hyped about when Starch Records first announced the collaboration of label founders Ill Move Sporadic, and rising underground heavyweight soloist Tenchoo, back in 2015. Consisting of Ben 81 and One Boss, IMS have quickly gained a reputation as some of the most promising hip-hop producers the UK has to offer. A reputation earned from a slew of well received releases over recent years, which have undoubtedly helped expose some of the finest emerging MC's in the UK right now.

Sofa King And Big Toast - Live Beige MP3 [Revorg Records]

Sofa King And Big Toast – Live Beige MP3 [Revorg Records]

Rising underground British powerhouse Revorg Records kicked the start of the week directly in its face Monday, with a surprise banger from TPS Fam clansmen Big Toast, and producer Sofa King. Live Beige, taken from the upcoming EP "Save Yourself, Kill Them All" is, yet another, counter-cultural anthem from the Revorg camp – a delightful 'off you fuck' to the monotony of day to day life, and those who operate within it – set to Sofa King's thumping, rock-laden boom bap soundtrack.

First Look: What's Real? A Hip Hop Documentary [Trailer]

First Look: What’s Real? A Hip Hop Documentary [Trailer]

The hip-hop community was given something to get excited about recently, with a debut trailer for an upcoming independent documentary by filmmaker Dean Huson. What's Real? A Hip Hop Documentary is the directors first feature length outing, and it's certainly an ambitious one. The film features introspective interviews and tour footage from a veritable crème de la crème of British and US underground artists, and is set to explore definitions of "real" in the eyes of a rabid hardcore audience.

Tenchoo - Crojo Exclusive 12" [Haji's Yard / First Son Records]

Tenchoo – Crojo Exclusive 12″ [Independent]

Since taking a step away from the battling spotlight after an impressive 7-0 run in Don't Flop and netting £5000 in Jump Off's 2012 tournament with relative ease - Hampshire based London import Tenchoo has steadily increased his presence on the UK hip-hop scene. Since dropping his highly anticipated debut album Scary Movie in 2011, the MC has been hard at work, appearing on tracks with a who's who of British artists, and supporting artists like Pharoahe Monch across the UK.

Potent Whisper ft. Nanci Correia - Between the Lines MP3 [Congo Natty Records]

Potent Whisper ft. Nanci Correia – Between the Lines MP3 [Indie]

2012 has already proved to be a productive year for Potent Whisper, seeing the South-West London MC release a string of independent free downloads on the public. From his collaborative effort on Mynib, with fellow rising British MC Tenchoo, over producer Dirty Stanz's hard-hitting beat, to the controversial subject addressed over The Peoples Response to Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee, each release demonstrated new growth and versatility from the artists earlier work.

Jack Danz and Lego - Funbags MP3 [Defenders Of Style]

Welcome to 2012: January in Review

The last few years have proven to be some of the finest in the history of British hip-hop, with the ever increasing number of solid emcees emerging, and with them some premier independent record labels that continue to flourish with every passing day. The sheer volume of commendable releases from last year alone was a sure sign that things only continue to get bigger and better for UK hip-hop enthusiasts, and that someday soon hopefully the mainstream industry will catch up and wise up to what they've been missing out on.

Anuvahood [Revolver Entertainment]

Anuvahood [Revolver Entertainment]

With urban youth culture proving to be an increasingly popular theme of exploration throughout the narrative of today’s British film and entertainment media, it’s inevitable that a tongue-in-cheek, more comedic approach would eventually seem a worthwhile endeavour for potential film distributors. Television’s already seen recent farcical attempts with such shows as, the moderately successful, Phone Shop on Channel 4, and BBC’s utterly deplorable Lee Nelson’s Well Good Show.