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JĀ3 - Need You

JĀ3 – Vent EP [Audio]

JĀ3, pronounced JAE, is a North London based singer / rapper / producer previously known as Zodiac. Under various guises he has been trying to make it for around ten years. Under this newest moniker his release is accomplished and shows the development of the artist to date.

Frisco Boogie - 100

Frisco Boogie – 100 [Audio]

Frisco Boogie is dropping the next single '100' from the anticipated album C.I.R.C.U.S.. It's a return to his boom bap roots with simple production that allows you to take in everything he has to say while keeping your neck snapping like you are standing in a hip hop club in '93.

Mic Assassin ft. CRS - Invest

Mic Assassin ft. CRS – Invest [Audio]

Mic Assassin returns for his new single Invest. This one features the vocal talents of CRS. The themes that motivated Mic Assassin to write the track are all things that are real to him. His ongoing claim of racial discrimination against his former employer, being stranded in Barbados during co-vid and the associated toll on his mental health.