0ptic - The Mad Hatter

Luton, UK based artist 0ptic drops his underground masterpiece, the ten track LP The Mad Hatter. Generally slow paced jazzy feeling boom bap Optic drops in a conversational style giving insights into his mentality.

All tracks produced by: Redkite excluding Lie Cheat Steal (produced by: 0ptic) and Substance (produced by: Abstract Soundz)


Abstract Soundz

Track List:

  1. Intro 03:56
  2. Messiah 04:20
  3. Vibranium 04:30
  4. Bigger Than Lennon 04:22
  5. Lie Cheat Steal 03:46
  6. Falls Apart 03:40
  7. Little Black Raincloud 04:06
  8. Ball & Chain 03:13
  9. Endz 04:50
  10. Substance 03:28

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