A vertitable flotilla of UK Hip Hop music gratuit today. first off is Stylah's 'The Warning' which is truly hosted by ex-gangster type Dave Courtney who drops Cockney quotables throughout. There are plenty of full quality tracks to be had here with production from Styalz Fuego, Sivey and DJ Mentat and guest verses from Bashy, Mike GLC, Smiler, Sincere, Mims and Deadly Hunta. Check out James Bond, Craziest Remix and Hard Way for some absolute quality on varying topics. Download The Warning now.

 Spitz - Deep WaterSpitz spits some political, sometimes religious and always forceful raps on his free to download Deep Water (Bags of Sand) – check Not In My Name and Free Palestine for his manifesto. If you want something a little more normal listen to the relaxing Head Up. Download Deep Water (Bag of Sand) now. Spitz is an interesting character as he's a convert to Islam from a western background – born in Wales, lives in London. Click here for more info on the guy. Look out for the second part of the 'Deep Water' series coming soon.

Krate Krusaders - The DevinekrusadeKrate Krusaders who provided some excellent tracks for Volumes 2 and 3 of my 'On The Radar' series have been working with Devi for a couple of years now. The culmination of which is this selection of tracks under the name 'The Devinekrusade' EP. What you get is quality, sometimes quirky boom-bap beats and solid lyrics exploring a nice variety of ideas. Check out Hip Hop Frankenstein and Fruit for the freshness. Click here for 'The Devinekrusade' then find them on myspace or facebook 'casue them boys want feedback like a guitar next to an amp.

MC Rukus - 2000 N Mine East Midlands MC Rukus intends to put out a mixtape every other month this year. Part one of the 2000 N Mine series is available now, and has been for a little while (well, since April), I'm sure there'll be another soon (keep checking here for more). Alex Blood and Ty feature on Overstand and many tracks (such as Jus Flow and Hear Me) toe the Hip Hop / Grime line daringly – a little different to his work with producer Baby J. The quality of this isn't that great but the skills come through nevertheless.

Rob Kelley - St. Patricks DayI've slept on this release and this artist for way too long. Rob Kelly is undoubtedly one of Ireland's best and with his unashamed accented lyrics surely everyone wants to hear him go in over House of Pain's Jump Around. Rob Kelly has the hardest lyrics, it's no wonder that Frankie Krutches, Slaine and Memphis Bleek feature. On St. Patrick's Day Massacre RK freestyles and raps his way through 21 tracks of hard beats – what you waiting for? It's been long enough – download it!

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