Akala - Respect Yourself Audio + Biography

Award winning artist Akala works with home-grown talent to create an exclusive track, “Respect Yourself” following the nationwide lyric writing competition, Rhyme4Respect.

The search for inspiring lyrics that encourage self respect and respect for others on the theme of relationships and sex, has given four young talented lyricists the opportunity to collaborate with top UK acts Estelle, Akala, Terri Walker and the US sensation Rhymefest, who have all performed the winning lyrics to create four new tracks.

The competition is now reaching its climax and the tracks are nearing release. All of the unique tunes will now be compiled on a free Rhyme4Respect CD, which will be distributed throughout the major cities in the UK. A bonus track will also feature on the limited edition CD, which is written and performed by Sincere, Bearman, Bigz, Scorcher and NY.

Akala - Respect Yourself Audio + BiographyThe brother of Miss Dynamite, Akala has made a name for himself when he released his album independently going on to win the MOBO for best hip-hop last year. His debut album, ‘Its Not A Rumour’, was released 10 April 2006 on Illa State Records, his own label for which he also produces his own videos.

Back in 2004 Akala rapped from the top of a police car in the video for his breakout white label. By early 2005, he played ‘Roll Wid Us’ out across London’s pirate radio sphere played at clubs and has supported 50 Cent. Akala worked with Rhyme4Respect winner Jody McIntyre, 16, from London to deliver the unforgettable ‘Respect Yourself’ – the lyrics say it all:

If you’re on the block, respect yourself.
If you keep it hot, respect yourself.
If you love what you’ve got, respect yourself.
Wear a rubber wrap it up and respect yourself

Release Date: January 22, 2007

"The self respect message in these words couldn’t come through any clearer. I’m glad I could be part of helping Jody communicate them so strongly in this song" – Akala, December 2006

Akala - Respect Yourself Audio + Biography

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