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Hip hop remains alive and growing every step of the way. Almost September, undoubtedly the hottest trio to bounce out of the states since back in the day have elevated the floor of hip hop yet again. Their knowledge and experience in hip hop makes it hardly surprising to see them throwing down some of the hottest beats you’ll hear coming out of your speakers this summer, and probably past September too.

Good music is good music. But it wavers. However, strong, fresh, polished hip hop is completely timeless; and that’s what we’re got right here.

Almost September is a three-way collaboration of veteran lyricist and one of hip hop greatest female pioneers MC Lyte, producer / writer / vocalist Whitey and producer / writer Jared Lee. The name does the trio justice as it leaves no room for modesty. Because, let’s face it, who needs modesty when the music is this good? September is the ninth month and lies in the astrological sign of Virgo. Virgo known to be continually striving for perfection and as much as the three of them acknowledge that no one and no thing is perfect; they are untiringly confident in working to the best of their abilities in order to brush closer to perfection every time they flow through the mic.

For those of you who know nothing about what hip hop is all about, I’ll just remind you that MC Lyte is continually trying to revolutionize the community whom she entered not long after hip hop kicked off, and she broke through any limits or stereotypes people were expecting of us. With 10 albums, two Grammy’s, a book and an endless collection of other accomplishments to her credit MC Lyte remains one of the most inspirational females of our time. She reminds us that misogyny, guns and bling are only mainstream, fake facets and show nothing of the true power of hip hop. Once which she has continually worked hard to excel. Now, as part of her continual development and original thinking she’s brought along two others to break straight out of out speakers.

Whitey and Jared Lee aren’t necessarily household names, but the more educated enthusiastic hip hop heads will recognize that their talent has already touched millions. They have written and produced for the likes of Macy Gray, India.Arie, Tyrese, Usher, Floetry, Toni Braxton, JoJo, Nichole Scherzinger, Paula Deanda, Jon B, Steph Jones, Chingy and many, many more remarkable names. Whitey has also won the coveted Grammy and Jared Lee has received several Grammy nominations. Both men have an obvious passion for their music and create audio art galleries with every new song they paint amorously.

This unity of an enduring icons and two freshly talented souls is creating nothing but positive, uplifting, inspirational masterpieces. Something that mainstream gangster rap couldn’t even shake a leg at. The tunes are open to anyone, making them a tool of the unity hip hop was built for. “Complete with self-help messages about everyday situations and underlying themes of love, peace and respect Almost September is the musical antidote we’ve all been patiently awaiting”.

Almost September met while working on an album for Macy Gray. Lyte describes their meeting as “destiny”. One night, Macy was unable to attend a session, Lyte ended up listening to a song Whitey and Jared were working on immediately began penning some lyrics. By the end of that night they had literally made beautiful music with the formation of their first single “Beautiful”. The chemistry between them was so undeniable that they decided to keep it going and Almost September was born.

Almost September’s debut self-titled album, complete with the banging first single “Beautiful” is available for download on iTunes. To show their love and appreciation for the British hip hop heads who remain a significant and valued part of the worldwide hip hop community, they have willingly given viewers this exclusive free download of a track you will fall in love with on first listen… “Love”. So enjoy the cream of the scene and show your support and appreciation to the guys! Let me know what you think – send your responses to and show some love, cop some discs and Tshirts at:

And look out for my interview with Whitey and Jared soon…

By Nino

Love features KRS One and Sleepy Brown.

Almost September

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