C75 Live Presents Greatest Posse Cuts

I’ve always loved posse cuts in Hip Hop. MCs normally try their hardest to outdo the other MCs, there’s party vibe joints, hardcore joints, unusual features, and just all round dopeness.

I had this compilation lying around on my hard drive that I downloaded a good decade or two ago. Its a mix of classics, rarities, and personal favourites.

I put this together a while ago and then totally lost it and literally just found it and uploaded it before I lost it again. I didn’t mix it. If I find a track list I’ll put it on here but I don’t have one handy so feel free to do one, or just mention your favourite tracks and their timestamps in the comments. If you have a favourite that’s not on here put a link in the comments so I can check out. Maybe I’ll put together my own Vol 2.

Theres over 2 hours of dope music on here so enjoy!

– Cuban Pete

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