Cabey G96 - The Riddim Riddim

Cabey G96 is a talented, new and upcoming artist from the heart of the UK (London) who prides himself as not being just a typical rapper from the 21st century but someone who puts personality and reality into his music. With his debut single, The Riddim Riddim, he focuses on positive vibes and showcases his production and lyrical skills in a unique and positive way.

The song is a UK Hip Hop / grime tune with trap elements and live string recordings incorporated into the production and lyrically talks about real life things from a real life persons perspective living in a real world. Long intro and dedication is followed with a ragga / dancehall vibed lyric, which becomes more Hip Hop to the end of the track. It is the lyrics and vocals which injects most of the energy into the track.

This is just a taster of what Cabey G has to offer so far in his musical journey and is a feature from his debut upcoming album ‘Corona Cured Mi‘, this eight track masterpiece will include collaborations with other new upcoming artist and more showcases of talent and skill within the vocals and productions.

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