Certified Banger Presents On The Radar Vol. 3

The third in the series of free to download compilations compiled by Certified Banger. What more is there to say? Well actually, loads. Representing the UK and 100% supported by all artists involved OTR Vol. 3 is 21 tracks deep and features bare exclusives.

Reain (aka Wha’s His Face) has recorded an exclusive track entitled On The Radar over one of RJD2’s finest beats. Yosh and Vee Kay have offered an up-front exclusive taken from Yosh’s forthcoming EP. The guys over at Don’t Talk To Strangers give you all the chance to get two tracks previously only available on a limited pressing of 200 CDs (When Planets Collide by Bane & Jonny Alpha and Leafs by Chief Wigz).

Delegates of Culture offer you a chance to sample their soon to be released LP Bad Guys with their track Grip. Mr. Loop brings some never-heard-before vibes with Grown Man Music featuring Yosh, Slippa and Zoo Mark and Krate Krusaders grant you the opportunity to download their Ramson Badbonez featuring track Incredible for the first time.

JVF Clique
, Mr. Shaodow, Dialect and Stylah also provide special tunes from soon to be released projects. Elsewhere Joe Blow and Metabeats, E Hustle, Kasha, Baron Samedi, Ozmosis, JC and SonnyJim, Jee4ce and Capitol 1212 and Profisee give away tracks from previously available EPs and albums.

‘On The Radar Vol. 3’ features artists from up and down the country including Northern Ireland, South and West Yorkshire, London, Manchester, Birmingham and Cambridge – Certified Banger fully represents the talent this country holds. If you don’t recognise the names on here, there’s all the more reason to download this – you need to hear these tracks and then you need to find out more.

In a time when so much music is given away for free it’s good to remember that these guys need to eat too. ‘OTR Vol. 3’ is intended to be a signpost that points towards the places where these MCs and producers sell their wares. Check these tracks out, then buy the albums, EPs and 12”s that these artists put out.

By: Certified Banger | http://certifiedbanger.blogspot.com

Certified Banger Presents On The Radar Vol. 3

Track List:

01. On The Radar – Reain
02. Incredible ft. Ramson Badbonez – Krate Krusaders
03. The Siesta ft. Yosh – Vee Kay
04. Say Yeah – Joe Blow (prod. by Metabeats & cuts by Stagga)
05. I’m Gunna – Dialect
06. Grip – Delegates of Culture (prod. by Toe)
07. Fear The Future – Stylah (prod. by Jon Phonics)
08. Black Rhyme – Kasha (prod. by Vivid Imagery)
09. The Positive Pessimist – Jee4ce (prod. by Whys)
10. I See ft. Profisee – Capitol 1212
11. The British Are Coming – Mr. ShaoDow
12. Leafs – Cheif Wigz (prod. by Brutal Artistry)
13. Rise To The Top – Cyclonius
14. Cannibal Rights – Baron Samedi
15. Judgement Day ft. SonnyJim, Kosyne, R.C. & LKC – JC
16. Tomorrow’s World – Ozmosis (prod. by Miss Tofelees)
17. Manchester ft. Stoney – Pockets (prod. by Pro P)
18. Grown Man Music ft. Zoo Mark, Yosh & Slippa – Mr. Loop
19. When Planets Collide – Bane & Jonny Alpha (prod. by Brutal Artistry)
20. Phenomenal – E Hustle
21. Drugs Need Kids – JVF Clique

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