Certified Banger Presents On The Radar

Certified Banger, a blog (almost) dedicated to the art of Hip Hop in the UK proudly presents this 21 track compilation of some up-and-coming artists and their music. Taking in many different angles of UK Hip Hop 'On The Radar' attempts to bring some new music to your ears, all for the princely sum of nothing.

It features never heard befores, heard before but hard to get hold ofs and tracks already available on the respective artists own pieces of work. With 21 tracks, you're bound to find something you like, and for free, you can go much wrong by downloading it and giving it at least one virtual spin.
This compilation should appeal to Hip Hop fans and people of other persuasions alike, so if you fall into one of those categories (and I think you do), you should right click, left click, save target as with the quickness.
Once you have and you've heard it, be sure to check out www.certifiedbanger.blogspot.com for more features on, and free downloads from the artists involved. Check the 'comments' section in the song tags for the artists website addresses and give them a shout. Drop Certified Banger a line at certifiedbanger@gmail.com and let them know how you feel about this (wonderful) release.

By: Certified Banger | http://certifiedbanger.blogspot.com

Certified Banger Presents On The Radar

Track List:

01. Queens English – Mind The Rap (produced by Skinnista aka Nu Balance)
02. Safron – Nightbreed remix ft. Kyza, Jehst & Klashnekoff
03. emceeKillah – The Guns of Britain (produced by Zoutr)
04. B'tol & Jagos – Finish This (Rassclat Rappers) ft. Da Herbalis of FDB
05. JVF Clique – Those Dudes (produced by Pappa Doc)
06. Spee 69 – Lemonade (produced by Jay Large)
07. Grimlok – Magic (produced by Shears)
08. Revilo – Mr. No Names
09. TLG – Let Me Be ft. Reggiimental, Ras Supa, Biggaman,S.C, Joe Gutta & Rukus
10. Skillit – Talk of the Town (produced by Cable)
11. Conman – Streets Unsafe (freestyle)
12. Loudmouth – Real Talk (produced by Loudmouth)
13. Manny Moscow – You Can't Tempt Me ft. Shepherd
14. Size8 – Watchin Me (freestyle)
15. Skandal – Venom (produced by Chemo)
16. Truth – Been a Long Time (produced by Prolifik)
17. Late – The Villain Man (freestyle)
18. Antmysta – Taste of Ink (produced by Shadowville)
19. Beit Nun – The Music (produced by Illskilz)
20. Reps – Spit ft. Jid Sames (produced by OSTR)
Bonus Track: Uncle Dicky – Neighbourhood Star remix ft. Witchdoctor Wise

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