Crease - Unreleased Hip Hop

Bournemouth based Crease represents the South Coast with his Unreleased Hip Hop release. This five track set of bangers features MCs including Alikazam, Carpetface and Uncle Mic Nitro as well as cuts from Jabba tha Kut.

Speaking on the release Crease exaplains that, “due to reasons beyond our control these tracks never had an official release, some lyrics were used for other releases but in my humble opinion these tracks need to be out there for you to enjoy“.

Produced, mixed and mastered by: Crease (apart from track 3, mixed and mastered by Rola)


Track List:

  1. They Don’t Know (Featuring Alikazam, Carpetface and Jabba tha Kut) 05:14
  2. Crew Dominance-Remix (Featuring- Uncle Mic Nitro) 03:30
  3. Crew Dominance (Featuring Uncle Mic Nitro and Jabba tha Kut) 03:31
  4. Top Rock 04:44
  5. The Harp (live version) 03:34

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