Daniel Son - Black Russian

Despite battling with multiple health scares, crippling anxiety and an increasingly incompetent government, dust finally started to settle, making way for Daniel Son‘s latest offering; greazy, anti-establishment scuzz that’s guaranteed to stir discomfort and give the EDL nightmares.

Punk fury and punchline-laden crime tales daub unhurried and (at times) woozy production from none other than alter ego Barlow Beats, Kent heavyweight Slap Up Mill and Manchester’s own Noz and Four Limbs for this nine track art piece.

Arriving (almost) unannounced, Black Russian is now available to buy from Bandcamp and free to stream on all platforms.


  1. Titan Tron (prod. by Barlow Beats) 03:15
  2. Prince Naseem (prod. by Slap Up Mill) 02:41
  3. On My Grind (prod. by Noz) 02:58
  4. Infinity War (prod. by Slap Up Mill) 02:41
  5. ACAB (Feat. Jabbathakut) (prod. by Noz) 02:44
  6. Shane Mac (prod. by Four Limbs) 03:28
  7. Knight Rider (prod. by Slap Up Mill) 03:15
  8. Queen & Country (prod. by Barlow Beats) 03:21
  9. Game Radio (prod. by Barlow Beats) 03:56
Daniel Son - Black Russian
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