Dead Ott - Come Home

Come Home‘ is the latest single from Oxford producer and MC Dead Ott. It is part of his forthcoming and long awaited solo album ‘Hello Again‘. Dead Ott made this song on 28th March 2020 on the day his son was born.

The story goes that he was born on the first weekend of the UK lockdown, and Dead Ott had to leave him and his Mum in the hospital after only an hour. Describing the circumstances he states the he, “went home and was sat on my own at home head spinning and not knowing what to do. I had a son but he wasn’t here. So I made this song“.

In the meantime, check out Dead Ott’s latest instrumental album ‘What Would Bill Do?‘ which was released in January 2024 on Killa Tapes Music.

Dead Ott

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