DW Smith - Voyager 3 Beat Tape

Bard Picasso affiliate DW Smith has been a mainstay in Cardiff Hip Hop for as long as anyone can remember. It’s almost as though he has been here quietly innovating for centuries. So it came as no surprise when he released the Norse inspired EP “Edda“. A project so perfectly mired in Viking mythology intertwined with hip hop you would think Odin himself had crafted an MPC from goat bones and lighting bolts.

Following from the exploration of the nine realms of Norse mythology though DW entered a new phase, particularly the nine planets, and the solar system they inhabit. Which brings us to Voyager 3 influenced by TV series including Cosmos and The Wonders Of The Solar System, as well as the album Host The Planets.

Voyager 3 is an exploration of our solar system through moody, melodic, banging Hip Hop instrumentals. A beautifully put together collection of tracks for you to bang your head to as we hurtle through space together on this giant rock.

DW Smith

Bard Picasso

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