edbl - Never Stops

Collaborative force, edbl (Ed Black), continues his journey to push the boundaries of genre, sonic sensibility and collaboration on new single Never Stops.

Originally conceived in a virtual session with LA multi-instrumentalist Kiefer, whose forward-thinking piano chords and improvised solo provided the foundations of ‘Never Stops’, edbl quickly enlisted UK Hip-Hop MC Turt (of Summers Sons) and fast-rising UK Soul polymath Quinn Oulton to vocal the Dilla-leaning beat, resulting in a free-flowing pool of textured sounds, teeming with natural collaborative synergy.

‘Never Stops’ is edbl’s second release of 2024, following a blistering Joe Hertz UKG remix of edbl’s breakthrough track ‘The Way Things Were‘.

Off the back of a fast-paced start to 2024 which included a career-defining Tokyo trip playing multiple sold-out shows and fan activations, ‘Never Stops’ signals the start of a new journey for edbl, with a series of exciting announcements and new music to follow. 

Speaking on ‘Never Stops’, edbl commented, “I’ve been a huge fan of Kiefer for a long time so when he posted on his socials that he was doing online sessions I jumped at the opportunity. We linked up in December, and he put together some beautifully recorded chords and a phenomenal solo. It already felt like a special track, then bit by bit the rest came together – first Turt jumped on the instrumental and laid some quality bars, then Quinn Oulton came to the studio and added the icing on the cake with some beautifully intricate saxophone and vocal lines“.

Turt added, “In a world of growing equality, this is a reflection on the sacrifice it takes to create change and find freedom. Freedom from fear, freedom from pain, freedom from hunger“.

Quinn Oulton added, “It was such a pleasure to contribute to this track. I’d spent a day at Ed’s studio, and built some saxophone layers around the beat before Turt had done this thing with it. Ed sent through Turt’s verses and he’d totally brought it to life. I love the contrast between our voices in the verses and the chorus“.



Summers Sons

Quinn Oulton

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