Funky DL - I Like Your Vibe

In anticipation of the sequel to Funky DL‘s 2021 dance project ‘Neon‘, the first single from ‘Neon II‘ comes in the form of this sophisticated groove.

Keeping with his signature style of memorizing melodies from jazz origins. DL’s new single ‘I Like Your Vibe‘ is a smooth up-tempo escapade into the dance realm; featuring a vast melting pot of live instruments, glimmering synths, melodic vocals and captivating rhymes. Funky DL demonstrates his finesse in the art of creating stellar music no matter the genre.

This release is backed with ‘So Refresh’d‘, from Funky DL’s ‘Twenty‘ album. Reason being is because the melodies and instrumentation from this 2020 release were lifted and manipulated by DL to to create the music for “I Like Your Vibe”.

I’m really enjoying this creative process and look forward to serving you with more great music!

Funky DL

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