Funky DL - Lo​-​Fi Blue Beats

Stepping downtempo, Funky DL offers up this silky smooth 10-track collection of cool, laid back Lo-Fi instrumental beats entitled Lo​-​Fi Blue Beats.

Perfect as study music, Coffee Shop / Cafe backdrop, cruising in the car, or simply as a late-night chilling soundtrack, this set creates the perfect ambience for a cool and reflective audio environment.

The signature of DL’s style, his use of Jazz and typical boom-bap beats are all present and combine to produce this exemplary blend of instrumental compositions.

Funky DL

Track List:

  1. Hazy Daydreams 02:08
  2. Rainwater Mist 02:09
  3. Nocturnal Mystic 02:21
  4. Calmly Sequestered 02:02
  5. Abstract Meditation 02:03
  6. Cool Nonchalance 02:10
  7. Route Copacetic 02:08
  8. Lucid Meander 02:01
  9. Floating Penultimates 02:02
  10. Esoteric Eplilogue 02:04
Funky DL - Lo​-​Fi Blue Beats

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