Cold Play - Viva La Vida remix featuring Frank Fingaz [Audio]

Hundred Proof Music was established in Philly underground three years ago with influences including DJ Premier, The RZA, and The Beatnuts. They're forcefully continuing to prove themselves as one of the best production suits to come out of Philly, or 21st Century Philly full stop.

With an adventurous and original take on hip hop and music as a whole, Hundred Proof are unmistakeable in precision, class and solid deliverance every time. With Chris Karnes, a Philly underground maestro since 2005 on production. John Katz, the bass, guitar player who proves that modern day hip hop can use riffs without samples and stains. And Jay GZA the business man with the plan.

Hundred Proof have inserted their expertise into an incredible back catalogue of Underground hip hop greats. Artists who, as apposed to leaning against the generic wall mainstream gangster pop has build, have endeavour to crawl under it and move in their own incredible earthy ways… From Killah Priest to AOTP's Doap Mixon.

Hundred Proof now present these two free downloads for the British hip hop heads to enjoy to their fullest.

Firstly, we have what can only be described as a genius remix with Mr. Frank Fingaz on Coldplay's newest release – Viva La Vida. Secondly, Confucius drops the Know Now Remix that we undoubtedly imprint the Hundred Proof name on your souls like hot iron stamps.

If you are feeling these check out the link below:

Cold Play - Viva La Vida remix featuring Frank Fingaz [Audio]

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