Jash - Mixtape One

Jash is a West Country based artist on a mission to re-connect us to the soul of the arts and crafts movement within the digital age. An instinctive understanding of natural patterns and beauty channelled through the senses bringing a deep feeling of enchantment. Re-establishing our roots of origins.

Welcome to Mixtape One. What a journey its been for us all this past couple years. I wanted this Mixtape to be a celebration of each other and of our connection to nature. So I’ve fully embraced the energy of collaboration on this release and hopefully this synergy is reflected in the music that has been created.

We need to feel the flow. We are the flow.

This ones dedicated to all the trail blazers that you ain’t heard of yet. We’re coming for ya!


Mastered by: Hue Jah Fink at Binary Feedback
Cover art by: Jash aged 10
Logo and additional text by: Robee Winterflood aka Darkhalf

Jash - Mixtape One

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