Jayedee - What Happened To Rapping?

What Happened To Rapping” see’s prodigy Jayedee team up with hip hop pioneer MCM (formerly Caveman) to mould a track which sounds like it’s straight out of the early 90’s.

New, yet original, this collaboration addresses the fact that the mainstream has strayed away from “rapping” and the “essence of hip hop” whilst showcasing that the talent is still alive and well.

Jayedee’s style is outstanding and very unique offering the listener a refreshing, yet nostalgic feel.

  • Funk Hip Hop Instrumental
  • Clean delivery with skippy flows
  • True sound of hip hop
  • Keeping the essence of hip hop alive
  • Message behind the music

Produced by: Mic Controller Mark Prince of Funk Productions

Recorded, Mix and Master by: Jayedee

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